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Board approval is required for installation of satellite dishes, air conditioning units, heat pumps, storm doors, yard accessories, alterations to landscape, installation of hardwood flooring, garage modifications, or any other change to the common elements or limited common elements. Submission of an Architectural Control Request Form is the path to approval and it is easy to complete. The more thorough your paperwork submission, the sooner your request can be approved. Site sketches are greatly encouraged.

Homeowners who make alterations without Board approval will nevertheless be required to go through the paperwork process once the modification is noted. Should the Board determine that the modification or installation is inappropriate for the community, the homeowner may be required to make changes or remove it, which can be costly to the homeowner. Therefore, it is always in the best interest of the homeowner to obtain approval for their desired alterations before proceeding with change. 

An Indemnification Form must be submitted with all Architectural Control Request Forms, (included as last page of Architectural Request Forms).


Documents and Forms:

Pre-Approved Items: This does not mean you may make any decisions about the item of interest without FIRST submitting an ACR document. This only means your item will be approved without Board deliberation once your ACR is submitted and you receive your acknowledgement letter from the Board.
Special Hardwood Flooring Installation Instructions:
Most architectural control request forms (ACR) can be completed on line. If you are submitting a pre-approved ACR, download the form from our website: Complete and save on your computer. Then go back to the website, open the "contact us" link, complete the information, attach your saved ACR documents, and submit.
Printed documents are available through our management company, Morris Management, Inc., Phone: 425-283-5858 or ask a neighbor or Board member to download and print for you. Follow submission instructions on the forms.